User Guide

An invoice (or record of income) can be generated by clicking on 'New Invoice/income' in the main top menu or via one of the large 'New Invoice' buttons on the dashboard page.

You will need to enter some basic information in the settings page and have at least one client before you can create an invoice or income record.

The blank invoice template will load immediately.

Your name and address details are automatically included. You will need to select a client by clicking on the 'To' dropdown selection box. If you have many clients you can start typing to search.

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Once you have selected a client the system will quickly check to see if you have any unaccounted expenses assigned to this client. Here you can choose to include this on the invoice if you wish. The amount of the expenses will automatically be added to the invoice total.

If you record mileage for your tax-return you can enter details in the next section. Note that this will not appear on the invoice but is for your records only.

The details section of the invoice template are where can add information relating to the job and the amount of each element. If you have units and quantities this can be entered here too. For example if you worked for 8 hours and charge £15 per hour or supplied 10 widgets at £5 per widget.

The total box will automatically calculate for each element and in turn the overall total at the bottom of the invoice will also be automatically calculated and updated as each section is completed.

If you do not wish to use the quantity and unit price boxes you can enter directly into total box as below.

Click on 'Add more lines' if you require space for more items on the invoice.

If payment has already been received for this work or if this is simply a record of income you can mark this paid by clicking on the toggle switch.

Finally click on the 'Save' button to save the invoice and proceed to the next step.

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Bright Invoicing has been developed in response to a real need for simple to use, invoicing and book-keeping software. Many solutions are over-complicated and difficult to learn. We aim to exceed your expectations. We are constantly developing and improving this system so please let us know what we can change or add.

Easy invoicing and simple tracking
Expense Tracking
Track overheads and expenses
Contact Management
View contact invoice history and all details
Auto PDF
System generates PDFs for you to quickly view, send or print
Linked Calendar
Link your Google calendar to easily see your diary
Simple Reports
All the reports you need. None of the reports you don't need